Starting a business

Do You Need an Accountant for Your Start-Up?

Starting a business and managing your finances at the same time can be overwhelming! If you don't get help early on, your business might fail. The early days of running an organisation are often very challenging, and this is made worse by the need to keep on top of your finances. The financials can become complex very quickly....

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Making it easier to get paid

Making sure you get paid on time is crucial to your success. The process of making sales and generating revenue lies at the heart of any business model. But you can't manage your cashflow effectively or raise any profits if customers don't actually pay their invoices. The easier you can make it for customers to pay you, the...

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Budgeting and managing cashflow

If you want to stabilise your finances and grow the business, working to strict budgets becomes a necessity. Managing the cashflow twists and turns of a project can be hard work. But it’s easier to do when you have an agreed budget and can track your spending and performance. So, what’s the best way to stay in control...

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Sole Trader vs Limited Company

So you’re thinking of starting a business.  Should you set yourself up as a limited company or a sole trader?  They both have advantages and disadvantages and depends entirely on your individual circumstances.  With the introduction of the dividend tax, there was a short period when it was no longer tax efficient to operate a one person business...

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