How to get the most out of your pension strategy

How much thought have you put into planning out your retirement years? Your employees will automatically be enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. But for directors, partners and sole traders, there’s no mandatory requirement for you to set up your own pension scheme. When it comes to planning your pension, the buck stops with you. Let’s take a...

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3 Easy Ways to Enrol Employees in a Pension Scheme

Many companies are taking up the challenge of helping employees save for retirement. And how do you communicate with employees effectively about the new developments when most of them are unfamiliar with the entire concept of saving for retirement? Here are some ideas for your company regarding how to ensure a seamless process. Research Well Before Enrolling Employees...

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Auto enrolment Pension contributions increase on the 6th of April 2019

The minimum contributions you must pay into your staff’s pension scheme are shown in the table below. Minimum contributions are being introduced gradually over time.  You will usually pay pension scheme contributions either as a fixed amount or based on a percentage of earnings. Note that minimum pension contributions only apply to wages paid above the Lower Earnings...

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