Corporation Tax

When do large companies pay their corporation tax bill?

At present, the related 51% group company test defines when large and very large companies will pay their corporation tax bill. But how does this test work? How does the related 51% group company test currently work? Most companies pay corporation tax in arrears. This usually means making one annual payment, nine months and a day after the account period...

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Penalties for missing your corporation tax deadline

Corporation tax late filing penalties are applied when companies fail to file their tax return by the official deadline. Even filing just one day late will land you with a fine of £100 from HMRC. The HMRC penalties increase with time, and failing to address the situation will cause a great deal of money and stress, as well...

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How to pay your corporation tax online

We’ve had a few clients that have contacted us to ask us how to pay their Corporation tax online. So we thought it would be a great idea to walk you through the process step-by-step! 1. Simply Type 'Pay corporation tax online' into google. Click the first link that appears which is titled 'Pay your Corporation Tax bill' ...

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