Happy New Year

Thank you for your business in 2022.  We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year - we hope it brings you health, wealth, and happiness. For business owners, this is often the time of year when you reflect on where you are at and think about your business goals for the year ahead. These could be lofty...

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The importance of goodwill in your business

Goodwill in accounting refers to the intangible value that a company can hold, above and beyond the pure financial value of its assets. This covers areas like brand reputation, intellectual property, and both external and internal relationships. A business that can show its goodwill in the marketplace is actually worth more – both intangibly and financially. When a...

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Quick Tips: What counts as a ‘trivial gift’?

Giving occasional gifts to your staff is a great way to keep them engaged and motivated. But how much can you give before these gifts become taxable? Certain lower-value gifts can be given to employees (including directors) tax free. These have to be classed as ‘trivial gifts’ to qualify. But what counts as ‘trivial’ in these circumstances? What...

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Holiday cashflow for your small business

Whether you’re heading into a holiday period, or just planning to take a break (and congratulations, because a healthy business means work-life balance), it’s important to keep your cashflow under control. This means pre-planning and being proactive. When you’re not in the office, there are still overheads and salaries that need to be sorted. If taking time off...

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Bringing your cashflow processes into the digital age

Keeping on top of your cashflow is even more important during tough economic times.  With a global slowdown on the cards, energy prices soaring and supply chain still challenges, cash is likely to be tight over the coming year and beyond. Cloud technology and fintech apps, can give your business the best possible control over its cash. Why...

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Key numbers to focus on in your business now

As a business owner, it’s never been more important to have a good grasp on your finances.  For many businesses, priorities have changed, customer behaviours have mutated and revenue streams have had to evolve and pivot in order to create a viable business model. To track, monitor and drive your financial performance in this new business world, it’s...

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Improve your credit score to recession-proof your business

When your business is facing the prospect of a global slowdown or recession, it’s important to be in total control of your financial position. One way to do this to have a better handle on your credit score and your current risk-rating with the credit bureaus. So, what factors actually drive your business credit score? And how does...

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Economic threats your business needs to plan for

The Bank of England is predicting that the UK will dip into recession at some point in 2022, driven by multiple factors that are causing the economy to stall and falter. But what are these key economic threats? And how are they likely to affect your business in the coming months? The 5 big economic threats for UK...

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